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Blast with a 172 in braintree this morning


I saw you a while back in the morning, you were comming down London road and turned up Goddlings. I was on my way to get the slave wagon AKA train. Attempted a wave but thought the better of it


thats right one sniff of ginger and u r here to put your pennys worth in, why r u gonna trade the 172 in 4 a rs turbo ?????

not bad running in a stereo install at the moment r u gonna go to donny south at north weild market ?? if not all will be reveled at south end !!! me think ull like !!

could have been worse could of put a tow bar on

were u about in ure willy at the weekend 1 flashed in rayne, me but a blonde girl was driving it was not sure if ure daughter had got her hands in it as u r the only person in braintree i know who has a willy

Yeah right..Id let my daughter drive my Williams...ermm...NEVER ...NAh that one is a willy 1...I met the girl in B&Q car park a while back.....its a bit tatty..the car aint that good either I have been out n about alot tho....sure we will bump into each other soon...tho not literally i do hope.