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Blaupunkt HU for Campus sport

  RB 182
  172 cup'd extreme
1, yes (£50) i have a blaupunkt
2, it will slot straight in
3, the unit display will no longer work with a blaupunkt head unit

btw the iso adapter at the back will plug straight into the blaupunkt head unit no adapters needed on the stalk adapter

get it from these guys proper good service and free postage
  RB 182
Cheers for the info :approve: much appreciated, 50 quid for the adaptor!:( wasnt counting on that and the display is a kick in the balls, did u find it annoying at all? i heard from someone today that the clock may still work is that right? thanks again, rob
  Audi TT 3.2 V6
clock and temp will still be displayed. radio part of the display may simply say "blaunpunkt" or it may not, my pioneer headunit just says pioneers
  RB 182
Oh right thats ok then, cheers for the help gonna order when i get my stupid debit card through!