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Blue 172 Cup Blyton Park Sunday 24th

  Clio 182 Trophy #229
As the title says, a nice looking Blue 172 Cup going well showing up various fast Fords at Blyton Park this weekend just gone.
  MX5 Elise111s
Nice of you to say so. It was quite a fun day but got black flagged for being a bit too enthusiastic chasing the MG on slicks. He got black flagged at same time, the organiser telling us we were "getting a bit stupid". Bit miffed as by that stage we were the only ones on track but it's their track and their rules.

It was a last minute decision to do the day. I live locally and just went up for a look about 10.30, saw it was quiet and had a word with the Javelin guys who said I could go out. I had only recently got my car back after engine blow up so it was a bit of a shakedown.

Did see a nice Trophy there but never saw the owner. Was that you as didn't see any other Clios.
  Clio 182 Trophy #229
Your welcome, it was good to see a well driven Clio Sport amongst all those Fords. It looked really good coming through the high speed right left before breaking very hard for the right hander past the front of the paddock. The MG sounded good and was certainly flying round but I did notice he was cheating on slicks :D

The MR2 made me laugh, slithering about at seemingly no speed at all, great fun! I was going to ask how much for a go but I wasn't sure they would let me on so late in the day. It looks like a nice track for the Clio actually, I will keep it in mind.

Thanks, I came in my dad's Trophy as my 182 Cup is having its brakes serviced, the exhaust on the Trophy makes me laugh, it's very loud.
  MX5 Elise111s
You would probably have got the afternoon session for £65 as they weren't very busy and keen to sign up more drivers. The Clio flatters my driving. It is very good round Blyton and the run through the fast sweeping bends is tremendous fun but very hard on the tyres. I was on Federal RSRs which were only 30 laps old at the start of the day and the outside of the RH front took a real hammering. The car is basically standard other than yellow stuff pads and it could probably do with lowering/stiffer springs, a rear anti roll bar and some negative camber on the front. But having said that it's a good car as it is. I imagine the Trophy would be awesome round there.

The circuit is very safe as there is virtually nothing to hit if you spin or run wide, although I had quite a scare when I was absolutely on my limit and a Saxo spun right in front of me at the right hander.

The MR2 had just been bought by a trader who was there just to give it its first run out as it had been stood in someone's garage unused for several years. It never missed a beat. If only Renaults were that reliable.

Let me know if you are thinking of going down there as I only live 3 miles away.