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Blue 182 (cup) A272 at about 8.15 most mornings

  ph1 track weapon
Are you on here?

Seen this car 3 times, same time every day, on the A272 on the way towards winchester.

I'm in a blue 03 172 cup. Waved the first time but not acknowledged, so got a feeling he isn't on here

  Guilietta 2.0 JTDM-2
Alright mate, think it's me you've probably seen!

Blue '04 182 with cup packs? Was going to wave the next time but didn't see you today as I was so late!

I've been late most days this week tbh, and was surprised to see another 'proper' clio sport on the drive to work the first time I saw you. Apologies, didn't see you wave! Will be on the lookout tomorrow.

Not seen you before this week though, where abouts do you work?
  ph1 track weapon
Only got the car a week ago so that would be why lol

Work in chichester so the 272 is only really the start of my journey!

Should look a bit more proper next week once it has the correct front grille and ktec carbon splitter on it!

Only work down that way 3 days a week abouts you work?
  Guilietta 2.0 JTDM-2
Ah ok cool, did wonder where it had appeared from! How you finding it? Didn't notice the front grille myself when you went by!

I hate the a272 with a passion, such a crap road really. For me it's the only route unless I go cross country to the a31! You've got a fair old trek to Chichester from Winchester though! How many miles a day is that?

I'm working just outside Winchester just off the first junction of the a34. Supposed to be at work at 8.30 though...
  ph1 track weapon
Am lovin it, but the rear end feels so light for some reason!

Its 40 or so miles but its only a few times a week, plus a fairly fun journey, so I don't really mind

Surely you get to work by 8.30 if you're at the end of the 272 by quarter past or so?
  Guilietta 2.0 JTDM-2
Ah right, might be because you have the cup version, everythings a bit stiffer? But I'm not sure, might be something to ask on here! I've just had new bushes on the front and back and it seems to have improved the handling no end!

Do you go down the a3 or cut through Petersfield out to South Harting, which I think is still the a272 thinking about it? Not sure. That's the way I'd go to chichester/goodwood. Love the roads out that way.

Well in theory I should get to work on time, I certainly don't let people get in my way! The main problem is the spitfire link and the m3 junction - nightmare. Have sat there for nearly 15/20 mins in the past!
  ph1 track weapon
Yep I take the a3 down then m27, although I seem to hit a jam near the roundabouts so trying to see if there's a way of avoiding them and still make it to work!
  Guilietta 2.0 JTDM-2
There are lots of good routes mate, it's just picking one tbh! Think there's a road from emsworth that runs alongside the M27 but comes out at the first roundabout still. The bypass is always well busy, you could try coming off at the first roundabout which takes you up to the tesco/chi college roundabout, and then cut through town?

A route I used to do was come off halfway down the a3, signposted Rolands Castle. Then if you go down behind the shell garage I'm sure there's a turning before emsworth that takes you across the downs across to Chichester from the other side.

Failing that, the route through Petersfield/South Harting is a cracking road.

Didn't see you go past today!