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Blue Dials on 172. Converted looks gud



minteeeed mate! you change the LEDs in the dash then? How many is there, always wanted to do this myself!!
  Trophy Turbo :)

Yeah Pretty Trickey to takeit all to bits they are Surfact Monuted LEDS cost abt £30 for themall but it loks the biz at night on with Radio display now and consol as well . ;-)
  172 mk2

what about the clock bit, have u changed that using the same method?? also the heater control backlights, they blue!?!??!

looks amazing mate, top job


Have you got pics of the radio display...

Can you do the same to the aircon screen also..??
Do the warning lights come on in blue??? Like the full beam etc?

[Edited by Kiev85 on 12 November 2004 at 7:12pm]
  BMW 120i Sport

wow, usually i think that these sorts of mods are naff - but thats worked out really nicely, looks great - any chance of a guide on how to do it? ;)

hi any looks amazing got the same display as yours want it doing how the f**k do you do it any chance of you doing it ill pay. however much it is what do you want for a set like that

can you please let me know my mob numb is 07833 904745

sami do you know how to do this do you know any contact details of this guy?

i really would like to get t dsone

Nah I dont soz, I was looking at getting some blue bulbs for my mk1 they were going cheapish on ebay few weeks ago iirc but not sure anymore...

Changing the dials is a challenge so I hate so imagine how annoying its gonna be to change the bulbs as well!

that does look really cool but maybe the needles would look good in a different colour? would help visibility and look cool :)