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Boot lock mechanism problem

  Clio 1.5 2004
Hi. My gfs clio boot has not been opening for a while. Well, without me climbing through the back with a screwdriver!

Ive done a bit of searching and thought the motor might've burnt out. I removed the boot panel, took the motor off and it looks like the little plastic bit that's flicked by the large black cog is broken.

My problem is I'm not sure what the part is called or where to get a replacement. Also the lock makes a horrible grinding noise when the car is locked or unlocked. I'm not sure what I've done to it! The boot is permanently unlocked too but that's not a massive problem.

Thanks for any help!
  Clio 1.5 2004
Is it a ph2 or 3? Cos if so I have a boot locking mechanism I could send you for a fiver plus postage.
It's a ph3 I think. Not too sure on the difference. It's got the digital fuel/temp display?

It's the white bit here I need:

You can see where it's broke.

Is that the bit you've got mate?

Also, does anyone have a clue why It's making the horrible noise since I took the cog out?
I took a crappy video

Maybe something fell out? Should there be something in between the cog and the hole?
This is how it looks now.

  Clio 200 Silverstone
I had the same problem mate. I tried to fix myself but ended up being a new unit. I'd take John up on his offer