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Offside/ drivers side new Driveshaft issue

chris blue

ClioSport Area Rep
  172 Ph1 2001
Having had the drivers/offside driveshaft replaced on my 172 phase 1 , 20k miles and 3 years ago, I wasn't too surprised that it started clonking and banging merrily a couple weeks ago

I did a bit of research and found several suppliers of a new driveshaft, some recommended, and some NOT, but decided as its winter and wet and dark and cold, that I would go to a professional to get it changed. ARB bushes replaced as well

I saw the new (Reconditioned ) one before it was put in, and left Clio there for a couple hours- all done

Drive home was great- pretty much all straight roads 10 miles home

After couple days, started noticing that when turning left in a spirited fashion ;) , with the weight on the right, there was a grinding and rumbling noises similar to the tyre pressure being really low . It wasn't, tyre pressure 34 psi all round. Notheing fouling the wheel, and tyres pretty much new (1k miles)

Texted the repair guy, and he said it would be surprising if it was the driveshaft, so Ive perservered

Tonight, in my works car park when everyone had gone. I put on full left lock and started circling the car park at about 10mph (When you are completing a full lock circle- that's quite quick) and WOW, what a grinding and horrible noise (I could try posting up the vid if anyone wants to hear it)

Would I be right in thinking that the driveshaft could be the wrong size? maybe a few millimetres too long causing the problem? Think Ive read on here that the driveshafts between phase 1 and phase 2 are similar but not exactly the same. But surely a professional would have ordered the wrong one? Is it the CV not greased up enough..... could it be something else and just a coincidence? (There was not that type of noise when I took it in with knackered driveshaft)

Anyone got any suggestions or comments

I do appreciate there are a few threads on this- have read most of them

chris blue

ClioSport Area Rep
  172 Ph1 2001
Ive gotta say M90SR that Steve has been so much help on this issue, he's been a Godsend. He understood every issue I was complaining about, and his advice to me was copied to the Technician who did the work for me, and it has helped him out no end too. (So my Tech should receive a correct size driveshaft and replace for nothing which is handy- although not done yet)

Steve is a mine of information on correct fitment of all the various driveshafts, and its just a shame he isn't allowed on this Forum anymore.

Maybe I could ask the Mods to let him back on- his information seems second to none, and I thought thats what these forums were all about?

But hey, for your consideration Guys?

I might have been in a right pickle without his help

So thanks M90SR for recommending him, too.

Community :):):)


ClioSport Club Member
  Kangoo 172cup
Most likely wrong length or poor recon. I have had many a poor recon driveshaft before sadly.