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Botched service, fuel rail guard advice needed

  HyperAlloy Combat Chassis
I was hoping some of our resident experts could help me out...

After my 12k service, I noticed that there was a bad rattle between 3-4k rpm. I had a look and found that the fuel rail guard was very loose and I could move it around with my hand. I presume that the garage had this off to change the oil filter.

Using a mirror and a torch a checked each nut, the left hand and middle nuts seem to have been chewed somewhat. It looks like they didn't have the correct tool to take these off and just botched it instead. What kind of nuts are these and what would you use to remove them? The right hand side does not appear to have a nut of any kind. Am I right in assuming that there should be one?

Needless to say I am not impressed, this is just another in a long line of c**k ups by this garage. If anyone is interested, this is work done by arnold clark milton in dumbarton. I'm going to complain on monday and I want to make sure I have the correct information first.
Just the two on the Left should have nuts in.

They're 10mm or 13mm nuts. You'll need a long socket, and put it in then put the ratchet on them they're pretty arkward
  HyperAlloy Combat Chassis
Ally said:
I'm f**king convinced there's some sort of "evil" parallel universe going on here...

See what I mean?


Substitute Dumbarton with Grangemouth and Stirling...

lol! I suppose renault are a constant no matter what universe you live in!

I have had no end of trouble with this lot. If anyone is interested here's the sorry story so far....

1st visit: Steering making a funny noise, they had a look and said I needed a new rotary switch. Part had to be ordered.

2nd visit: Part arrived and fitted ok, steering back to normal. However now my airbag light was on, they had broken something while the steering wheel was off.

3rd visit: Airbag light was due to faulty rotary switch, part has to be ordered. You'll get a postcard when it arrives. I hear nothing.

4th visit: 12k service, I mention to them that I never received said postcard. Service done, but part has to be ordered again.

5th visit: Part comes in, but wrong part. They keep my car another day while another part comes in. Part arrives next day but low an behold, another part is broken which needs to be ordered. I take my car back.

6th visit: New angle sensor in, rotary switch and angle sensor fitted. Air bag now ok. Shortly after I notice my CD player controls on the steering column aren't working since repair work :mad:

7th visit: Part needs ordering, CD control stalk chopped off with exposed wires left hanging out. I've also noticed the 3k rattle caused by their work at the previous 12k service.

8th visit is due this wednesday to have a new CD control stalk fitted, and presumably they will fit the fuel rail guard properly this time.

Not to mention, I have an intermittent fault with my ESP and cruise, but I'll be taking it somewhere else once this mess is sorted.

:mad: :mad: :mad:

...and thanks for the info guys, it doesn't sound like a tricky job and they still have bolloxed it up.