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Bought a Clio 172 at the weekend..

Hi all

Just had a look on google and found this site - seems really good, with a lot interesting chat and friendly posts.

Got the Clio on Sat for a good price. It's a Nov 53 plate, 40k on the clock. She wanted £6950 but made a bit of a mistake on the phone telling me she needed to sell this week as she needed the money for the mortgage deposit on her first house.

Needless to say some hard bargaining was done and I drove away £6.1k lighter. Not bad.

The only thing that I wasn't sure about was the fact I was the 4th owner, but the first 2 owners were Renault mechanics from a dealership in South Wales, and this 3rd one has had it from 20k and been driving on the motorway mostly. HPI came up clear and it's had all services done by Renault on time, including the 36k, so seemed OK to me.

Only driven it back home on Sat - about 50 miles, but I'm loving it. A really fun and fast car, but that's no surprise coming from a Pug 306 Turbo D!

Front tyres are a bit low so will need to be done in the next few months. Thinking of going for Conti's or Toyo's. Any advice?



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Welcome to CS mate .

Contis over toyos for me . Toyos are crap in the wet . But i prefer michelin exaltos the best . Excellent grip in the wet and dry , but they do cost a bit more .
Thanks for the advice and welcome guys.

Contis eh - I'll take your advice and go with these when the time comes. With winter coming I'd rather have some decent wet performance.

One of my mates is popping over tonight with his Leon Cupra R as he fancies a spin. Obviously he's got a quicker car, but having driven it I can safely say the Clio is more of a laugh.

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Welcome and enjoy, a nice colour you've got there.

I would agree about the Toyo's being a bit dodgy in the wet, but they're excellent in the dry and I'll be replacing my fronts for some more on Thursday. :)
Welcome :)

Best colour you've chosen and sounds a decent price too. Will be a totally different driving experience to the Pug - nice car that they are - the 172 just loves to rev...

As for tyres, I had to replace all 4 tyres in Jan this year, couldn't afford a full set of Michelin Pilot Exaltos, got Uniroyal Rainsports for a lot less. Damn good tyre IMO. Maybe worth a look.



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midnightblue172, keep an eye on the local meets section, us southwesters always have a good turn out! (22 cars last time!)


lol you called your self midnight blue aswell. Sorry, not funny.

Love the monaco blue tho mate! And welcome
Just bought my monaco blue last week too mate, hope you enjoy...

Any pic?? This is mine...

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Welcome to CS

I wouldn't worry about the number of owners...I'm the 4th on my 52 plate 172 because of the same was registered to a couple of people at the dealership.