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Bought an Iphone from a friend...

And ive downloaded a few apps and put my contacts on but now i want to add some music and ringtones via itunes.

But its giving the "The iphone *** is synced with another itunes library, Do you want to erase this iphone and sync it with this itunes library"

Although i synced it last night without this message!!! But now i cant add anything without getting this message.

Now im wondering, will these completely erase the iphone including all the apps ive already downloaded? :(

Its also jailbroken.
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And apps you've already downloaded will be in itunes so you won't loose them. Restore the iphone is the best bet.
i think it will do, get yourself idump downloaded and back up everything off it first . . .

Got a link for that mate? and will it back everything up? as i have no music on there yet.

When i synced last night it only synced the apps i installed and not the ones that were already on it.

Forgot to say its jailbroken too.
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