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Brake dust!!

  1.2 16v
Detailed my car about 3 weeks ago... Back wheels are still pretty clean, but every time I look at my front wheels they seem to be covered in more and more brake dust!

I'm not a late or harsh braker so don't get how its so bad! Probably a stupid question, but was wondering if there's a way of preventing it? Or at least a decent method of cleaning to prevent it or something?

Cheers, Steve


South East - Essex
ClioSport Area Rep
You've probably got drums on the back so that's why they're cleaner than the front.

Take the wheels off, clean them properly then seal them with wax/sealant/Gteqniq C5 etc.

Check the detailing section for guides/information.


ClioSport Club Member
Get some wheel cleaner on them to get them spotless and apply a few coats of wax to protect them, then when you next wash the brake dust it'll come off easier.