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Brakes - Weight

  Skoda Fabia vRS

does anyone know how much a set of 16v/willy calipers weigh, and also the discs too, with pads

i was thinkin about 10kg, am i about right ?
  Clio 197

Just weighed my spare discs. The two in the box come to about 9.2 kg. They are slightly worn but well within specifications. The pads wouldnt even register on the scale but must be in the region of 800g.

Im not going to weigh the calipers as they are on the car.

Now those are bathroom scale figures so dont go quoting them.
  BMW 320d Sport

A lot more than 10kg Id say Brun, for the lot. Like Edddd says, a pair of discs must be around 10kg on their own, a pair of calipers around the same again. Rear discs and calipers are smaller but must be 15kg altogether.