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I am still running standard brakes on the clio turbo and am starting to get a bit... wel erm, VERY scared when driving it, so i wanna upgrade to something bigger. But what can i get on there (i have 14" RSI alloys, well at the mo i have R5 wheels on the front as 1 rsi got badly kerbed).

How much should i expect ot pay for a second hand set of calipers and disks? Cheers, Paul

There the wheels i have. So they are RTi wheels then are they? Didnt know what they were. Getting some 5 GTT brakes cheap so will probally go wiv them for a bit.
  FRST and 106 GTi

I dont know but, GTT uses 13" alloys. The calipers dont have enough spacers to go to bigger discs.

The RSi is valver with 1.8lts 8v engine and without the valver/willy arches.

The RTi is the regular clio with RSi alloys, valver seats and a snail 1.4lts SPI energy engine. :/

Good luck.