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Brand New Clio Cup Race Car

  Rb182cup+s2 rallye
how much does it cost to get ya gears set up like that i remember seeing a guy driving a v6 with one looked fercking amazing.
you need to change the gear box for a sequencial one, new £7000, second hand phone the cup teams and see if they have any spare for sale. probaly about £3k
KyleB said:
7k for a gear box...fooken hell.
Its all the extra you need like
ECU ignition cut
Linkages to work the box
Fluids for the box
Display to show what gear your in.

Its not bad £7k realy when you think you can spend £3.5k getting a 6 speedo normal box with LSD and thats not going to be designed to be as racer spec for stenght wise.

You could do it for less than £7k BenR was sayi g you can pick up used 5 speeds for £2.5k and 6 speeds for £3.5k i think then say £2k for the other bits however a rebuilt (race teams have it done once or twice a year or so that £2k gone)
  e60 M5 -172- dciheid
£14k - hmmmmmmmmmmm unused........hummmmmmmmmmmmmm

imagine driving that around the block for a laugh