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Brands Hatch quick Summary with *pics*


What a day!:)

Up early this morning, set out heading for Clacket lane. 13 clios including 2 V6s made it to Clacket lane, a surprising turnout considering i only got a couple of replies on the forum! Then set off to Brands hatch 14 cars in total including my mates Type R and a R5GTT. The site of 13 clios on the M25 was quite amazing, about 1/4 mile was full of sporty clios, looked wicked! Arrived at Brands on time at 9am and there was already loads of people there, about 50/60 clios i think!

Clio cup racing was superb, finishing slightly premature cos of an accident which stopped the race early, but nethertheless was good to see Vikki Butler henderson flying round cops corner sideways.

After we signed are sign our life away disclamers to be allowed on the track, evryone got lined up to drive underneath the circuit through the tunnel then on the track.............I purposely stayed well back from the man infront to get a good speed round the circuit! I managed to redline in 3rd up the hill towards druids corner (a long sweeping 90 degree turn) which meant i got about 90mph which was dam good fun! On the 3rd lap i got up aside the Clio 16v Turbo which was shhhhtiiissssshhhing all the way up the straight!

Had to leave early so had a dam good drive back with my mates CTR, gotta say bloody quick motors, he got 140mph in 5th on th way back with a gear still to go!!

Nice to meet a few of you and to see the usual faces

Great Day, really enjoyed it. Cheers Cliosport (jas, kis etc) for organising it.

I have loads of pictures which i will post later on.

Yeah I enoyed meself as well! The track time was excellent even tho a stone-chip flicked up and hit me car! Oh well! Didnt hit me windscreen so must be bodywork damage!

  BMW 320d Sport

Wicked pictures there. Keep em coming, well need some for the write-up, which will include the Vicki B-H interview.

A top day out my count, 65 Clios, others counted a few more but we totally rammed the place, just as well they had a big paddock area.


  Shiny red R32

I just love the pics of all those cute little Clios.

Sorry to whoever owns it, but that the red Civic Type R looks PIG UGLY :cry:

Bloody hell! If those pics are off a nokia then I am very impressed. I have some erm dubios photos taken on one (the guy is a doorman at a club) and they look good on the phone, but they look quite good on a proper machine (pc). I am very impressed. But onto Brands, looked quite good fun, pitty I was working, oh and the fact I didnt know jack about it. Then again, if I had gone, my car would have probably broken down there instead of the car park at work.


Sorry for the late reply as ive just got back to work today since Brands!

Craggy is you were referring to my car (bottom left of pic) with the "black" wheels, they are 17"OZ SuperLeggs in graphite grey!

Top pics people and a top day out! :D