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Browno's 182 - 11 Years and counting....


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With a recent set of events, I thought it was about time that I put a thread together to chart the history of our little clio 182, which is actually my wife's car - but has now been with us so long that it's part of the family!

So, we start by winding back to Autumn 2004 - my brother had just bought his other half a 172, and having been initially sceptical about this little french thing, had a go, and was hooked but the combination of a turn of speed, lovely handling and also lots of kit for such a small car! My then wife-to-be at the time was driving a bog-basic 2000 1.0 Corsa which had been a great reliable little car, but the clio was proving very appealing. So I started with the man-maths, and by late October, were the proud owners of a black gold clio 182 with the cup suspension and spoiler packs. This was bought right when the car supermarkets were getting a foothold with their parallel imports, and we ended up buying from Motorpoint at £11,699, compared to a Renault list of just under £15k - and the local dealership weren't willing to knock a penny off, despite motorpoint being only 1/2 mile away!

So, when it turned up, it looked like this, all shiny and new (it was, I believe, sourced through Cyprus, but brand new with 17 miles on, and we were the first owners).




My wife was a bit unsure about her new car at first (which I was quite happy about - I had an escort estate at the time, so was loving the clio!), but soon got used to it, and then really started to bond with it. I then added a pro-speed exhaust which I bought from cliosport, and then went to a few shows..



French Car Show 2005 at Bruntingthorpe with Cliosport

All was going well, and it was being well used, and then by spring 2006, I had bought myself a Cupra R to keep it company on the drive!



And thought I'd get a plate for the clio to make a decent (but not mega-bucks!) pair


The Leon lasted for a year or so until I decided I wanted a Defender... and came home with something a little less interesting after my wife had decided that a roll cage wasn't a sensible replacement for rear seats!


Then I decided I needed something fun too, so in Feb 2009, I added myself a toy (and we had put the house up for sale!)


And then 3 months later, as my wife was pregnant, I decided I needed a sensible family wagon... so bought a slightly unusual one with a bit of performance...

All this time, the clio is still running along nicely and still looking good - but then it was still under 30,000 miles - but still got it's first cambelt service at 5 years old, which was done at a mate's garage, with him ensuring all was well - and was a festival of swearing at the lack of space and access!

All was still good, then until Summer 2011 when I got itchy feet again, and decided to upgrade the Mazda...



which was all good, until I decided I fancied doing some more trackdays decided that the boxster was ok, but I wanted something a little more playful, and also cheaper on consumables!

so it was back to what I knew, and in summer 2012, the Boxster was replaced, with the Clio hitting the dizzy heights of 40,000 miles by this stage, and still going fine!:


So, I decided to treat the clio to a bit of a makeover in 2013 before MOT (at 43000 miles!), and replaced the Pro-speed exhaust that had frequently had issues with blowing on one of the silencer joints with a Milltek system, and also a new cat (it had killed on early in it's life due to a temperature sensor overfuelling, which had been replaced by a real cheapy - which was always marginal on emissions). Shortly after that lot was done it then had it's one and only failure to date - when the alternator went, meaning it need jumping to get it sorted and back for repair, but a couple of days later (and more swearing to the gods of french engineering!) it was all sorted.

Then roll on last year and at just 46,000 miles it was time for it's second cambelt change at 10 years old, and the dephaser was also starting to get a bit noisy, so that was added to the list. By this time, I was starting to wonder if we should swap it (or at least, buy another car and keep the Clio as a toy!), but my wife is now very attached to her little car, so we decided it is definitely staying for now! The cambelts on these are well known as a big job, and all of the guides will advise you to make sure that it is done on any 172/182 you might buy, and they are right - it is a big job, mainly hampered by the fact that the engine is installed hard-up to the inner wing, and that the engine uses floating cams, so it is essential to use the right tools to lock the cam and crank positions. Once again, I went over to my mate Dave's place for a day of tea and swearing...




So, all was good for another year of motoring, and this year I have built myself a nice new garage with lift, so pre-MOT this year gave it a good service and replaced all the discs and pads at home...


It went through the MOT, having just ticked over to 50,044 miles with no issues, and all was good - so I went off for a business trip to Asia happy that all was well with the world... until I got a phonecall on week 1 of a 3 week trip that my wife had been out and about, and had been bumped from behind in the Clio! My wife was all ok, and the other guy (in a Kia Sorrento) was all insured, and happy to let the claim go through his insurers, so that was ok, but what about the car? My wife sent me pictures, and got it checked at the garage, and it looked like just a light and a cracked bumper, so that's all ok...



So, our insurance company were called, and the car taken away to be assessed and repaired... until a couple of days later the call came, that it had been assessed that it was an uneconomical repair. So obviously, we were a little surprised at this, and did wonder if there was hidden damage, but accepted the verdict, but immediately asked for the car to be returned as we would like to buy it back (if nothing else, I was thinking of a new track car!). So with the car back to us, we then waited for discussions on values. I assumed that we would be in for a fight, due to the relatively minor damage, but actually the first offer that came back was actually very reasonable, and pretty much what I would have been looking to argue them up to. So we agreed a settlement, and the car was ours for a charge of just under 20% of the settlement (and classed as a Cat D) - now what to do next! I would say thought that insurance company have been good through the whole process, and handled everything smoothly throughout - I know we see varying reviews of the "nautical" insurers sometimes, but I can't fault them.

Obviously, before we had even settled, I was off to Ebay looking for the bits I might need and had pre-emptively ordered a pair of tail lights and managed to snag a bumper in the right colour - so I thought that would get us started and I would see what lay beneath the surface. So, with the settlement agreed, it was time to get it in the garage and get it stripped down...

Stripping off the bumper and light revealed that actually all was pretty much fine beneath the surface - there was one locating tab on the light that had got slightly bent and needed straightening, and a plastic bracket on the bumper had snapped, but other than that it all looked structurally sound - Result!




Unfortunately, the new bumper was missing the bracket, so I plastic welded that for now until I can get a new one, but then started building it up to see if everything would line up ok...


Light all went on ok... how about the bumper?




I would call that a result - all fixed for £85 of used parts, so then to satisfy the insurance company that it had been repaired it went off for it's second MOT in 6 weeks, having only covered 138 miles since the last one, and funnily enough passed without any issues.

So now it is all back in action, and ready to keep going for a bit longer - I might even treat it to a mini-makeover once Christmas is done with, so give the wheels a refurb and give it a good detail to get it looking back to its best - ready for the next 11 years, as it's definitely here to stay for good now!

The Chubby Pirate

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  Golf R
I'm always impressed of people owning Clio's since new! Great write up..! Although i'm a bit confused as to why that was written off??


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  FF Jeden Osiem Dwa
Nice write up . Good to see the 182 has outlasted all your other cars . They kinda get under your skin . I'm coming up to 10 years of ownership from new , now with 63k on the clock . I won't part with mine until the day it becomes uneconomical to keep on the road . Other than the cost of servicing , new exhaust , tyres etc...... touch wood , mines not cost alot to run . Mine was from Motorpoint too £12,008 , direct from France though.
  Clio 200 Raider
Nice read thanks for sharing.

Seems that people who inspect these cars on behalf of insurance companies seem a bit useless?


ClioSport Club Member
Cheers guys - I'm sure that I'm not the only long term owner on here, but thought the repairs were a good reason to write up a bit of its story so far!

I was definitely surprised that it was assessed as a write off, and then had a decent offer - I was expecting a proper low-ball start and a battle to get a proper value. I won't complain though, as that has meant we still have the car, and now have a bit of cash too - ok it is now cat d, but since I don't plan on selling, that is no problem!


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  MR2 Mk3 / Giulietta
Ah I recognise this and the VXR, im from Loscoe way and drive past quite often on my travels!
Awesome stuff! Unlike being the first and only owner I'm the 9th I think on mine! Don't bother me though as plenty of people buy these then realise the running and maintenance costs after.

How long did the cup splitter last before it died? (Assuming it has as later photos it's gone)


ClioSport Club Member
  Black Gold 182FF
Awesome read :blush: So much win considering it only cost £85 of used parts to put her right again after the bump!


ClioSport Club Member
Cheers again guys - Definitely glad that I was able to get her back, and sorted so simply!

@Akay I think I have seen your car about (assuming you're on the wheels in your avatar!) - will keep an eye out for you locally - there seem to be a few nicely kept 182's around nearby now!

@sparklesTHEpony Good spot - the splitter got caught on a kerb and cracked about 2 years ago - in fact it is in the shed awaiting a repair or replacement, so that's another job to add to the list!
  R5gtt, 182, volvo...
Mummy's had hers since new, just clocked over 67,777miles

Was £13,600 new at Renault in Reading.. I don't remember them ever being 15k, I looked at the 206 gti 180 at 15k and the Clio was way better value, Better looking, Better spec, better everything.

Are you telling me your friend can change a Renault 182 cambelt!!!! Mind blowing!! They told me only 4 people in the uk could...

Make that 5


ClioSport Club Member
Time to bring this thread back from the dead (and probably should change the title to 14 years...)

So, why the bump, and what do I have to report on the 182? well, it has been running well - with not a lot to report initially, just a service and a straightforward pass for the first MOT, and then for the test late last year, I discovered a crack I hadn't noticed in the windscreen, and that the millek exhaust was leaking from the joint at the back of the middle box.
So it was time for a new screen (auto glass through my insurance - to their credit, they also replaced all of the side and top trims too), and then to Milltek, who provided a replacement middle box under warranty with no issues (as I am the original owner of the system), so I could pick that up from their HQ in Derby and fit it.
I also treated the lights to a good clean-up as they were getting very hazy:

Untitled on Flickr

In the meantime, to keep the more general story filled in, I have been busy with some other projects - Firstly, I got cracking and finally finished off my Mini project that had been a work in progress for 23years - so was due some attention!

Untitled on Flickr

bought another MX5 (to go alongside the mk3) from a colleague that was rusty - with the initial plan of a restoration - but after some chopping, I have got a little more brutal!

Untitled on Flickr

Untitled on Flickr

Untitled on Flickr

Which is looking more car-like (but differently shaped!) - and now approaching IVA test... (now a MEV Exocet - which after IVA will likely gain a turbo - aiming for ca. 250BHP in somewhere around 650Kg).

Untitled on Flickr

and I also replaced my Vectra VXR with a cliche (it is very good, but almost too competent)

Untitled on Flickr

So, back to the clio, and we are back once more where I was 2 years ago. My wife was driving though a green light and was hit from the side by someone that had come through a red (having mistaken a green filter for his light). The car has a crumpled wing and door and bent track rod - and so is once again back in the hands of the insurers.

Untitled on Flickr

Untitled on Flickr

Untitled on Flickr

This time, we have bought a new car for my wife (picking up an Evoque on Friday), so I get the 182 - which I have today agreed a payment for and have retained the car (for £417, I couldn't not do, really!). Since the golf (potentially) goes back in July, I have a bit of time to repair and give the clio a bit of a makeover before I am going to put it back into service.
I have got the track rod ready to replace, and am on the lookout for a wing and door (I would like panels that are original paint if possible, as I figure it might match best). In the meantime, I was a little impulsive last night and have bought myself some trophy wheels, which I think will look good - once the car is sorted again!

Untitled on Flickr

Hopefully this time, the car can stay straight for a bit longer, and maybe even looking as nice as it did back in those early photos...


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Two 'write offs' in 55k miles is somewhat unlucky!!

Good to see you're keeping it going, I'm sure you'll be able to track down parts quick enough, plenty of cars breaking on the FB groups.


ClioSport Club Member
First time I've seen this thread, well it did start long before I joined the forum! One owner form new, and a relatively hassle free experience too, amazing. Kudos for doing saving it twice from the insurance. What's next for it, full on track car or weekend toy and minty mint resto?


ClioSport Club Member
Cheers guys - definitely unlucky with the double whammy of crashes - but also lucky that both have been just panel damage - and the insurance company have been pretty good in terms of paying out quickly and fairly both times!
Not a lot to update at this stage - but at the moment the plan is to get it back to tidy condition for the road. I am going to use it for a while when the golf goes back in July, and then take stock of what to do next - having bought the Evoque for the missus, I am hoping we can get away with that as the main car - and I can then just keep the clio (and mazda, exocet and mini!), but if that doesn't work, I might end up selling the mazda (once the exocet is done!) and buying something big and sensible alongside - but the clio isn't going anywhere just yet!
I have at least managed to pick up a door, which I found in Blackburn (so it cost me as much in fuel as for the actual door!), and have fetched the car back home... I just need to find the time (on a dry day!) to swap the door, and then get it on the lift to do the track rod. I think I am probably going to get a new wing, since it is about the same priced as second hand (and I can't see any in black gold at the minute) and then get that and the door painted to make sure they are looking as good as possible - I might even repaint the (replacement) rear bumper, as that isn't quite perfect, so could be improved.


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So, it's been a while, so it's time for an update. Firstly, I have managed to get my exocet through the IVA and registered, so have had that out and about, covering a couple of hundred miles so far, which has shaken it down nicely and identified a few jobs to add to the list. However, now I also need to get the clio sorted, since the Golf lease has finished and it has gone back, and I need to at least have one car with 4 seats!
So, having decided that the door I had was ok, but the paint was a bit rough, I managed to find another black 182 breaking with a good wing and door - so headed to Aylesbury to pick them up, and both are in good condition, which was good.
First job was to get the car on my ramp and take a look at the tie rod and track rod end... which was fairly well bent!

Untitled on Flickr

all replaced with shiny new bits, which meant the wheels are pointing in a more similar direction to each other!

Untitled on Flickr

So, then I started stripping back the damaged panels

Untitled on Flickr

Untitled on Flickr

Unfortunately, when I first tried the replacement doors (both of them!), they didn't fit properly - and with a closer look, and a compare to my brother's cup, we could see that the lower hinge had been knocked in the impact - as the other car had slid along the door it had pushed the hinge back. So we thought we would try some delicate persuasion to massage it back into line - by use of my mate's Land Rover, a block and tackle and some kevlar sailing rope through the hinge pin hole.

Untitled on Flickr

After a few attempts at pulling with slight adjustments in direction, the good news was that the door would now fit and close, but wasn't well aligned (with a big gap at the front, and tight at the back), so needed some more adjustment. So, with the help of a bit of wood and grips and some adjustment of the striker, I managed to greatly improve the fit - it's still not 100%, but is a lot better than it was, and I am going to get it perfected by a local bodyshop once I have it all built up and sorted.

Untitled on Flickr

So after a bit more building up (including a good clean out under the side skirts both sides - amazing how much crud was in there) it looked reasonably decent.

Untitled on Flickr

Which meant that I had to then swap the wheels and drop on my turinis, which I am happy with:

Untitled on Flickr

It is now getting close to being ready for the road again (will need another MOT first for the insurance company - even though it isn't due until December), but before then I am going to get it in the air, have a good look over everything and give it a decent service, and a lick of paint/wax protection on some of the underside parts. Having got my brother's cup sorted, and borrowed that today, I am looking forward to getting back in the 182 soon!


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Since I'm online and posting about my Exocet, I thought I should probably update this thread too! The little Cockroach is still going and had almost hit 62k miles (and no more accidents!). It's been on the road for the past 3 years since the last update - only blotting its copybook by breaking its alternator (physically snapping the arm, thankfully I then stopped the engine and the aux belt didn't cause an issue as it came loose!) as it was on the way to have the cam belt done by Mick at Diamond motors - so meaning I needed an alternator and belt replacement!

Late summer last year, having turbo'd the Exocet, I then started amassing parts to give the clio an overhaul, but didn't get to it - so this summer, I set about it and added new genuine dampers all round, Eibach Sportlines, new front calipers and hoses, discs and pads all round, polybushed dog-bone and a refurb of the original wheels (as well as a normal service). So with all that, and a good dose of Dinitrol around the underside and inside the rear quarters, it should be good to go for a good while yet!

I haven't actually got any decent pictures of it since I've sorted that lot (and it's filthy at the moment!) - but will get it cleaned up and add some more soon!