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Bullet pic request pretty please!?!?

  Civic Type S GT
I'm going to spray my bullets on my artic 182 but unsure whether to do artic bullet with anthracite 2.0 16v, or anthracite bullet with artic 2.0 16v.

If someone could work their magic then that would be brilliant!!!

Cheers! Cal.
  Dynamique Flamer
Search artic thrid thread down should help. Sorry can't link you up as my right click doesn't work on this comp. And if you want a photoshop done you need to put up a pic :)
  Astra van,Mk1 nova
Here you go buddy, its the best one the cup i could find just now

Pug steel grey and glacier white :)
  Civic Type S GT
Does anyone else use anything other than photobucket to upload images because I have tried to upload a side pic of my car but photobucket's being tripe!!
  Not got a car
This might give you some idea :D


I tried to do this, I painted my bullets silver and tried to do inferno writing, It looked s**t, I could not get a crisp edge to the writing, it all leaked onto the background an looked like someone atacked it with a big marker pen. looked a right mess like above.

In the end I just painted them silver.