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Bumper Masking Opinion

  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
I'm using Chris's RB as a photoshopping example, but I'm referring to Pierre's bumper masking as shown here:




  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
When I saw Pierre's shots I thought the same - it looked really good on the track with a modern style look
(certainly to the newer RS Clios).

Such a simple mod too, and easily removable, as you could just use black vinyl.
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
I think I'm going to do it on mine, and be the pioneer of it over here in the UK.

So I'm now patenting it.
  GW 200T
sorry just a quick one of topic regarding pierres 182, Was white a option on the 182 in france and does anyone know were to get a alpine stick from like that on his wings
  Fiesta ST + Clio 182
What about dark grey one on black? I've been contemplating it for a while now.


ClioSport Club Member
Terrible. Another case of modding for moddings sake. You know i'm right. You're probably a bit bored so looking at modding etc. Next you'll be sponsored by Monster.


ClioSport Moderator
  Whichever has fuel
really any diffrence in he shell

No wheel well. Thats the only reason the car was reshelled! Didn't want a spare wheel well...

Why have you cut the bumper Daniel, some super secret mod you're not telling us about?

Not my car mate. But he did it so that so people can see his expensive exhaust! lol.

All details are in the project section should you wish to look. ;)

I am not going to spam this thread anymore.
  UR R26R.5, VW Golf R
Afaik it's not been done here :approve: therefore he can pioneer it here lol

I think it needs a custom 197/200 style exhaust though

Yeah, you can see the original bumper curves and where it's been cut to house the diffuser. Hmm.
  CBR1K, F21 125D
Just get a f**king TVR already, you old slut.

Seriously though, looks pap. Unless you go the whole hog and get a diffuser of some kind.