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Buying a Clio

Hey All!

I turn 18 May 4th so very soon im putting a deposit down on a black renault clio billabong brand spaking new...just wondering renault said they wont put 16s or 17s on the car cos they will have to change the suspensiion but they can put 15 OZ F1s on it for an extra £350 and then i get to keep old alloys as well??

What you wreckon ? Or if I was to buy my own alloy wheels would renualts free insurance cover this or not?

Cheers Daz
  Williams 2, STi N12

Just wheel it out of the show room as standard, then change the wheels. This way you get the standard ones as spares or snow wheels.

As for the insurance, well i wouldnt of thought it would be valid as the gits will always try to get out of paying, but best check with the garage.