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Buying FCS Tickets.. Step by Step Guide..

Right, it appears some people are having problems, so lets try and make this as easy as possible..

From there you will see this page..


Click "Buy Now"

Then you get this page, there are a few options here, so pay attention if you want to get on the club stand..


1) This MUST say ClioSport. This is whats written on the pass so they know where to direct you. You dont want to end up with the Saxo boys ;)

2) You MUST have one of these. This gets you past the car parks and into the club sections. You wont get on the ClioSport stand without one of these.

The rest is fairly obvious. Just tick the bits you want..

Then click "Add to Cart"

Then you'll get this page..


Double check you have everything correct..

It MUST say ClioSport. For your club.

You MUST have a stand pass

Total for 1 ticket, including P&P is £15.40. That will get you on the stand.

Then click "Checkout"

You will then get this page..


Fill in all your details and click "Submit"

You'll then get this page, this a summary before you fill in your card details to check you have everything correct..


Click "Submit Order"

You'll then be taken to this page..


Choose the correct card. Fill in the details.


Any problems feel free to ask but if you cant manage it even with the guide, I think you need help ;)


ClioSport Club Member
  182 & Audi A3
Revels, where can I get the free ticket for someone under 14???

I've read the guide, tried on the website, but can't see it and its only charging me, but want to make sure that all bases are covered.

Cheers :eek:
I know this is an old post but still very relevant.

Kids under 14 just don't need a ticket, they will be admitted at the gate free of charge.