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Caffeine & Machine Meet Up 2021

Caffeine & Machine Meet Up 2021
Posted by MrBlonde
Caffeine & Machine
Saturday, July 24, 2021 - 09:00 AM
Until: Saturday, July 24, 2021 - 01:00 PM
(Adjusted for timezone: Europe/London)

Upcoming dates
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This event has expired and has no upcoming dates


ClioSport Club Member
  172, VRS, Clio 5
Gutted I decided to self isolate. Genuinely. Been in a foul mood all bloody day as there’s bugger all wrong with me. Even the Clio looked grumpy when I went to grab something from the garage earlier. App now deleted.
  182 Clio Cup
No worries mate & yes midday slot & brunch before i reckon instead🤔 @Jekyll

That chap came from north wales & had one of the RB's,nice fella & i felt sorry for him,as they came a long way and was over quick because of the 12 kick out time.

Anyone know any of the photographers walking about?
I know that @dlcautomotive was walking around, drop him a message on insta, fairly sure he got pics of all the clios


ClioSport Club Member
  Trophy 193
Well, I had a bit of a nightmare of a morning so turned up at about 12:15… Wasn’t a good sign when I saw a stream of Clios driving in the other direction. Had a coffee and chips though and walked around some decent motors, looking at the pics above though I’d like to have got there earlier.
That said, on the way back I popped into Wellesbourne airfield and saw them start up the Vulcan that they look after. That was something you don’t see every day!



ClioSport Club Member
  Mazda 6, Cayman 981
I can only echo the comments of others. Was really nice to meet some actual faces and do car stuff. Was all over a bit quick and didn’t get to meet as many people as I’d have liked.
Certainly be up for more CS days out in the future.
Thanks to @MrBlonde for organising the route and pick ups, seemed to work pretty well. 👌


ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 172
Thanks to all involved today. Was great to meet some of you, sadly not all of you and then it was time to leave.

It’s been some years since doing a forum/club meet and well up for doing more in the near future.

Personally all that represented the forum, the brand of car all done ourselves and Renault justice today. It is funny how C&M only ever focus on ‘exotic‘ for the media side of things and not the bread and butter. Or is that baguette and wine?

Still was an awesome day made better by the rain holding out apart from the one quick shower. I double day would be nice to properly get around and chat to everyone and put faces to usernames

Thanks again to all for making it a great day!


ClioSport Club Member
I was looking forward to meeting a load of you guys - Steve, Mark, Russ, Andy, Amie, and everyone else - but I just couldn’t make it work in the end.

It’s a shame because it looked like a really great meet, but at least you inspired me to take the T out for a spin this evening. No real destination or purpose, just a drive for the sake of it. 140 miles later… 👍👍👍

Kudos to @MrBlonde for organising, top effort mate, well done!


ClioSport Club Member
  clio 197
Good to meet those I spoke to, some grand cars there so was worth the 2hr drive in the Ph1. I was the fool with the black Renaultsport tee on with gravel dust all over the back ☺
Your ph1 looked super clean, if I can get my ph1 to even half as clean as yours I'd be happy, and as above the whole feeling was really relaxed and the convoy over from worcestershire was really respectful with no heroics from anybody. Happy to see 18 year odd old French tin rot taking over the main stage. Vive le sport!!!


ClioSport Club Member
Great turn out! :cool: Thanks to those who shared pics of the day.

I was/am gutted that I had to pull out as I was looking forward to bringing the two cars along (with the help of my missus). I really hope that other meets can be arranged as there are so many folks who I'm yet to meet. Or don't really know other than their username!

And yes im in the process of looking into the next one already & looking at the last weekend in August.

Noooooo! I'm at Shelsey Walsh that Bank Holiday weekend for Supercarfest! :LOL::ROFLMAO:


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks very Much @Tim and My Pleasure Gentleman.

I will post up about another meet tomorrow at some time and get the ball rolling,as would be nice to get one in next month and this gives everyone a heads up as im sure it may not be local for everyone.


ClioSport Club Member
  172, VRS, Clio 5
There was a clio event I saw advertised on the south coast at Hendy performance… South coast is a bit of a s**t location unless you live nearby obviously! It’s a long way from anywhere.

Southampton (Eastleigh - about a minute off the M3) next month but not been any updates on whether it’s going ahead.


ClioSport Club Member
Morning all,

Thanks for arranging the meet. Had a great time! Can we wear name badges next time, I just can't face walking up to people as calling them by their user name "oh hi, you must be RB182TURBOBOI"

Anyway, here is a selection of my photos, I'll upload more soon. Give my media page a follow @bowz_media and my personal page @bowen_7r on Insta.

Thanks again!



ClioSport Club Member
  ITB's RB & F56 jCW
A great day out yesterday, nice to meet a few new people and see some regulars. The convoys certainly worked well and everyone kept it safe along the way.

Some great pictures coming through, I did grab a few but nothing as good as the ones I've seen so far.

Look forward to the next one.

Thanks again @MrBlonde good to meet you too.

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ClioSport Club Member
  Petrol blue 182
Sorry for the spam...


  • ARCTIC 182-1.jpg
    ARCTIC 182-1.jpg
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  • BLK MK2 182.jpg
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  • FLAMER 182 2.jpg
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    MEG 3 2.jpg
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ClioSport Club Member
  Petrol blue 182
Sorry I didn't get everyone... Had to get a coffee and by the time I got it most people had left.

Maybe next time I'll get everyone! 👍🏻


ClioSport Club Member
  Q7 2018 & 172 Cup.
Looks like you guys had a brilliant meet. Unfortunately i couldn't make it. But managed to get there last night. As a side note, there is no charge and no booking necessary from 7pm on Saturday and Sunday nights anymore. Just rock up. 2cc08f000bbe1c287f784b3ec1aff716.jpg882177b95da25b070e5245fa476ae1e0.jpg

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Flat Eric

ClioSport Club Member
  F31 35d, Berlingo Na
Looks like a great turnout guys!
Nice to see a clio meet again, makes me miss mine a little.

Some good photos too
3 petrol blues all in the same place, never seen that before.