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Calling all second hand car trade boffs

Ok guys - sorry this isnt exactly totally Clio related, but its still to do with cars and my mate needs your advice:D

Basically, the head on his 1996 vintage Rover 400 1.6 (K-series jobbie) has cracked - and taken lots of ancillary bits with it - so a new engine is the "cheapest" option. That looks like the best part of £1200+ (i.e. the trade value of his car).

The question is whether he should bother to fix it, as the book value of the car is pretty low anyway. Hes also going to need a reliable mile-muncher - what are your ideas?

Hes been thinking of something like a Passat, but I reckon theyre still too much money.

Ive told him he can get a reliable big(ish) car for under £3k. Am thinking along the lines of a Mk3 Golf (possibly a TDi), Volvo, Omega etc.

So the question is: what is the most reliable big car you can think of that is available for about £2-4,000??

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Yep you wont go far wrong with a german diesel. You wont get particularly good value for money, but the VW/Audi oil burners will go forever.

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Hi there if it is a diesel that you are looking for the best that i know is the Peugeot, they will go for ever... and then a bit more.

And at that money you have got the pick of most about 3-5 year olds

Hi Ben. I would also be tempted to get a complete unit from a scrapper (about 150-200 quid should sort it). Get it fitted (the scrapyard may well do it for pound notes in their hand at a silly rate (tell them they can have the old one as PX for scrap value) !. then get it sold in trader after a mint up !>

even if it costs 300 to sort, you still end up with 900 fat ones in yer back pocket (or yer mates !)..

or, I will give ya 50 quid for it lol !


Problem for my mate is that the car is his mile munche, so he needs a car pronto.

However, when I spek to him tonight Im going to recommend he gets a "new" car, then re-builds the Rover at his leisure to sell later on. Good thinking Slarty!

Well, Im recommending that he gets a 406 TD or similar at about £3-4000. The used prices of these rep-boxes is astonishing! This sort of money gets you a 60k miled TD with air, electrics, ABS and a token bit of "luxury" (a strip of fake wood!) on a T/V plate.

I know a two car taxi firm that uses 406 TDs - theyve got 250k miles on them EACH!! No problems so far either.

Captain - I think my mate can hold out for £66!