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Calling Cup 172 Owners!

Hi all to all owners!

Did anyone have any trouble getting hold of there Cup I had to wait 14 weeks for mine to be delivered!

And what does anyone think of the Cup and has there optimum rev indicator lit up yet as mine hasnt and I have been trying, so where is it?

And mine doesnt have air re-circulation like renault market it with not that Im bothered!

Mine was delayed but not by too long. Gear change light is bottom right of the display, lights up green, try harder :devilish:

Air recirculation is on the fan position contrrol dial.

Had to wait about seven weeks, seemed longer, well worth it though!!

love the car, but still running in.


Had to wait 3 months but then I did order before the release date so that might have something to do with it! Now done 1700 miles and think its fantastic. Its a very raw car with not much in the way of creature comforts but its a great drivers car IMHO.

Rev limiter kicks in at about 6500 cold and 7200 warm. Gear change light will show up just about then.

i was absolutely chuffed!!!! took two and a half weeks!!!, although i kinda knew the dealer, and he pull some strings!

still happy with mine, kinda, still runnin in, obviously only takin it to 4,000 rpm, its nippy but not supa fast, please tell me it gets soooo much faster after 4,000rpm peeps!!!

And sangy, your pushin it as far as 7,000 rpm, you should know, and is evryone else takin theirs this far?!?!?!

goin on a 400mile drive on sunday so im gettin there!!! thatll be bout 800mls!

I ran mine in for fifteen minutes after which I booted it everywhere I could. The car goes like stink, and I racked up the same acceleration figures as I did in my well run-in Integra Type-R using the AP22, so I am well pleased.

  996 Carrera

Luckily I only had to wait about 3 weeks for mine. Although I was part-exchanging my _spit_ Saxo Westcoast as well.

Still running it in at the mo, Im up to ~5000rpm. This morning I buried the throttle and after 4000rpm it flew. Felt like I was going downhill!

I find myself stopping at amber now just to get a bit of open road in which to floor it!

Very impressed with the car - I cant for the working day to end so I can have a blast on the way home :D

monkey, how many miles u taken it too, to run in 5000rpm out of curiousity, was u doin that from day1?

I only had to wait about 3 weeks, and i ordered it a month before Renault Uk were due to get them, also got £1,200 off the list.

Ive just popped my 625 mile cherry and the car is amazing, so direct and very quick, even compared to the loony Integrale i had before.

Im also loving the gear change indicator but still getting used to revving it that high!


Danny, I did run my car in. I managed to get to 25 miles before I booted it!

It certainly does pick up at about 4500RPM but make sure you hold on tight to that wheel as on an uneven road it throws you all over the place!

Why not try taking all the way to the redline. Just the once, I wont tell.

Go on...youll like it.

Go on..

"but make sure you hold on tight to that wheel as on an uneven road it throws you all over the place!"

Wise words! I do my AP22 runs on a quiet, empty stretch of B road, which demands a lot of wrestling...

To all 172 Cup owners...



okay ill shut up now

Had my Cup for 4 weeks now and have booted it from day 1 i couldnt resist. Even had the back end out a couple of times. I love the feeling when you drop it to second at 40 mph and floor it, this car just begs to be driven fast.

Waited two weeks after putting order in, was told it was going to be two months to being with. Delivered to my door with 13 miles on the clock, but only 15 litres of fuel, also forgot the inflation cans.

Done 800 miles been bootying in the last 20 miles, the noise is great but you really have to hold on to the wheel otherwise stuff, literally!!

Dont really have the time to notice the green light as the needle flys in the red zone, just trying to get used to its handling as used to 4x4 before really playing. As yet though no one wants to race me :(, not that I would encourage that of course.

Just got my membership with my key ring and the sticker :)
  996 Carrera

Im at 700 miles so far.

I sort-of waited for 500 miles to come up before going over 3500rpm - very difficult when coming off a roundabout!

Im rising 500rpm every 50 miles now, though its difficult watching the rev counter AND the road in front at the same time!

And I love the way the stereo can adjust the volume as you get faster!

Em my stero doesnt do that what have you done to yours to make it do that!

Im at 1400 miles now! after 3 weeks nearlly 4!

So Im opening my cup up and it flies! really flies havent been much over 5,000 though!

Holding on for dear life!
  996 Carrera


If you press the SRC button for 5 seconds youll hear the beep and an option list will appear. One is SPEED, goes from 0-5 - 5 being the most sensitive to speed. Click SRC again and youre done.

You can also set the doors to lock automatically after a certain speed. RTFM to find out how!

As you can no doubt gather I love these little bells and whistles! Esp. since my girlfriends car doesnt have any of these!

Sweet will try that in the morning!

Done the RAID thing with the locks but the radio i want as you need both hands on the steering wheel!

The bloke who delivered the car said just not bounce of the rev limiter too often before around 650miles "but find out what its like". Said bench run in, but even so other componets need to bed in such as brakes. This is one aspect worries me, are the pads standard off other larger models, ie Laguna. Worried about brake fade cause mi mums megane (bad example i know) was really bad, have run Green pads on my other car found them to be alot better the reds which are too hard.

What milage did you guys have on your cars when you got them, as you know when you get new tyres you have the coloured lines on them, my car didnt. Is it that the tyres fitted at the factory dont have these lines?

I had 14 miles when i picked it up. Be careful of the tyres as booted it from day one, 4 days later took a corner at quite a high speed and blew a tyre! 4 fecking days!

And that foam stuff didnt work!


Had to wait 6 weeks for mine.

Came with 12 miles on the clock. Didnt take her over 5000rpm for first 400 miles, then 6000rpm for next 200, now its full on, although I have had the gear change light, you dont have time to look at it really as its at the bottom of the dash. No rev limiter yet though.

Maybe me but car just gets better and better at the mo, everytime you get in it.

Got 3500 Gs off list :D

lift up the cloth where the spare wheel should be in the boot and there should be two cans wrapped in foam. Cans are blue.

1200 miles done, 31.8 mpg - cars quick but used to it now - need something quicker! Dont even notice the engine comin on cam anymore at about 4500RPM! Like the way the paint job flicks to purply pink in the sun when its nice and clean. Changin tyre pressures to 30 all round today to see if thatll help with grip abit - dont like the lack of grip in 1st and 2nd - cant just floor it without bags of wheelspin! 17s might sort that out! For anyone whos drivin it about like a granny I suggest u cane it soon - BTW - No the engine isnt gonna blow up! Itll take longer to loosen up............



Shell be fine, just wait til shes up to stop drivin like a girl and use your car the way it was designed to be driven!


Ive only gone to 120 - waiting till it sbroken in to see what top end is - Does anyone know how long it takes to reach topend - do you need a 2 mile stretch of motorway or will a quick dash of 200m on a B road be enough - lol!

The MPG is starting to get better had it up tp 45 on the motorway, only been getting 28 around town though, but then why am I moaning, but the peadle to the metal and I get a big smile, goes around corners like on rails. Jut when it comes on came it snakes its way down the road. Dont think the tyres are going to last long at all!!

Is the paint on the cup only for the cup as not seen the same shade on any the cilos only on the new V6 photographs.

Should be picking my Cup up on Saturday.

Got to go to Birningham on Sunday so i will put a phew miles on the car.

No doubt i will boot it as the temptation is to great.

Sorry to ask, Craggy( I think someone else asked this ), but why is your Williams so fast? I thought they did the ton in about 20 seconds normally? You must be well chuffed!:)