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Camber On a 182

Hi guys,
Please excuse my inexperience, I had my tracking done at pro tyre the other day on their fancy laser system. It said my camber was out, my suspension is the standard clio 182 suspension. Can the camber be adjusted or not?

My readings were:
LF -0 54
RF -0 26
LR -1 54
RR -1 25


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My car

and another users car




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  VW Golf GTD
Oh just re-read, don't think it can be adjusted on standard suspension.
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My 182 Cup pretty much follows Dr Rollos above- more negative camber on the RHS (around 1 degree IIRC) and about half that on the LHS front. My rear RHS had more toe in than the LHS, but also more negative camber (which apparently will help balance out tyre wear?)

You can get either replacement strut tops (AST) or lower shock bolts to adjust the camber on the front. Shim plates can be used on the rear but they're not common.