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can 6.5 speakers b fitted

  Audi TT 225 Quattro

i want to get a set of 6.5" componant speakers fitted to the front doors on my mk1 ph1 clio 16v, i want to know if these can b fitted and if so what do u do/use to get them in. standard is 5.25" so im guessing they wont go stright in. also any1 got any pics??? thanks for any help.

I get confused about the mks so apologies if this reply is of no use...

I have a 99T (currently for sale, see other forum) which I fitted a set of 6.5" components into the standard door pods,
theyre a little bigger, so you have to use a touch of dynamat and leave out one screw,
wasnt a problem, secure and excellent sound quality with the tweeters mounted on the uprights under the dash.

mk1 ph1 is a big job, but yes it can be done, best bet is speak to a decent ICE installer, they will tell you exactly what should be needed, though 3/4" MDF, glue, screws, glass-fibre are a minimum requirement