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Cape Town Clio's - shoot teaser

  02' PH1 172
Hey all,

a few of the clios got together on sunday here in Cape Town for a shoot on the cable way drive and just opened them up and was pleasantly surprised how they came out uneditied.

Anyway, its going to take a while to edit them all, so thought I would post a few unedited shots for now. enjoy




comment and crits welcome :rasp:
  172 cup- suzu rf600r
cape town clios! awesome, im coming over there in september nice to know there are some decent cars, il be the guy in a rental with a sad face lol


ClioSport Club Member
  Evo 5 RS
woah, what colour is that ph1?! it looks the bombs. Damn it I want mine ready now

Lose the KTR sticker though


ClioSport Club Member
  Evo 5 RS
Doesn't look Oddesey ;<

God knows, probably not for another month at least. Oh and shut your noise! with your face lift poo x
  172 cup- suzu rf600r
not as decent as a Rsport clio lol! work for a charity so theyl get me something cheap and uber gay no doubt :S
  02' PH1 172
ARGHH don't say that! you know if you were really nice youd loan me yours whilst im there ....:race:

lol, it will probably be gone by then anyways, looking to sell it :(

Very Nice indeed, might just have to move back now seeing as can get cliosport in SA, lol.

Are you from SA?

Odyssey is such an odd colour, it can go from looking really quite flat and dark in some lights, to an almost pearlescent blue in others.

They're all looking really, really nice.

cheers dude, ye it is a very funny color, dark blue and then purple/blue from some angles
  02' PH1 172
Yeah, Moved about alot though, Rustenburg then Joburg and then last place was Nelspruit before coming over!

Some nice looking clio's there though!

ah hectic. I've been in London for the last two years aswell. Rolling stone gathers no moss hey.
We have a few nice clio's ;)
  02' PH1 172
because if you take photos of cars when there is not much available light, it along with the park lights, makes for a more dramatic/interesting pic... all this is of course is imho
  Ford Bantam 1.6
cool pics,good to see clios in south africa,i have seen 2 RBs on the road thats it.Id love a 200 but there so expensive.
im in joburg
  02' PH1 172
phase 1 looks real nice. +1 - how many of you out there?

Well the ones I know of, there are probably about 15 in cape town... but thats only of the ones I know

cool pics,good to see clios in south africa, i have seen 2 RBs on the road thats it. Id love a 200 but there so expensive.
im in joburg

yep they are pricy.. the white ltd edition one was going for R300 000

A link to the final pics: