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Car at Renault one again, great.

  CTR EK9 turbo

This time its in for the gear box to be replaced as it keeps crunching in 3rd gear. They agreed to replace the whole gear box under warranty - hey, i hope they put in the closer ratio mk.2 gear box! is it different, or is it a myth. Meanwhile, im enjoying my Clio "COURTESY CAR" which has about as much power as my left buttock during flatulence. And to slow it down even more, they fitted air con to it! when i engage it, its like putting air brakes on. The accelerator doesnt seem to do anything on the motorway, and its as if im costing all of the time, even when im flooring it. Also, when i turn the car onto 3rd point of ignition (you know when it cranks the engine) there is a delay, then it turns the engine, urrrrrrgggggh! its nasty!

Although, on the positive side the car is nice to drive (slowly, and only slowly) and very easy (steering feels like im driving on ice) and very economical, even with A/C on.

So far, i havent spotted any evos, but im quite confident in thinking i wont win. I gave a go against an Aston Vanquish yesterday and kept up in 3rd and if id changed to 4th quick enough, i think id have been in with a chance....

Hi Simon.

Yeh Ive been road testing a 1.2 this week as well to see what the fuss it all about ;-) (joke). In fact the one Ive got is rather nippy. You really have to rag it to get the power out. Tried keeping up with a 2.5 TDI Audi yesterday. I gave a good show but he still had me - b*****d ;-) - I want my 172 back.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Haha, last nights antics were funny! after watching Goldmember we decided to go for a Town Toast. On the way, I came next to an Escort Cosworth - i started revving up the mighty 1.2 16v power plant and went hell for leathers (wet) off the lights and toasted him! hahaha. I now realise how fast those 1.2s really are! wow! I took him by suprise and he gave chase, cutting me up on a roundabout and he was understeering like crazy round the roundabout, it looked really crap! anyway, needless to say, he toasted me. The rev limiter sounds really loud in an underground car park too. Goldmember is really funny as well!