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car broken into - need sum advice

orite peeps, sum bastids broke into my car today - luckily i had taken the front off my system, so that was spared - but the c**ts swiiped my whole cd collection.

Aneway the c**ts broke the passenger lock on my clio, and scuffed a bit of bodywork around the lock.

I wanted sum advice on wot to do:


Replace locks, or just fill and smooth the damaged area.

But then I have the problem that my clio is meattalic purple - will i have many paint problems?? how can i tackle these???

sorry - i meant totally removing the passenger side lock "de-locking it" - would this be any better - cant see a lock aint gonna try and break it?

aneway - back to the point about the spray. The paint is mettallic - will i get away with just respraying the small area of the lock, or will it stand out and be too hard to match metallic????

You could always try Chipsaway, they are v.good at painting only what absolutely needs to be painted, no huge blends to be done, and they say theyll match ANY colour, whatever it is, including flips/pearls etc.

Youd just have to get intouch with one of their guys and see if hes interested in doing to job, prep it all yourself, and then get him to do an excellent job on the paintwork - sorted.

If its only a small section thats damaged it can be repaired (paint wise) pretty easily. Dont go to renault, they charge about 5x more than everyone else. It should easily be well under £100.


one side delocked may look a bit silly
however for security i would go for it
with metalic paint u r better off gettin the whole door repainted, wont need blending into the rear as its a seperate panel.

where abouts u based?
if in surrey area give type k styling a call and tell em matt sent ya and your from cliosport.

  clio williams, Ph1 172

If the colours not spot on (which it never is) you will have to have it faded in.

I just got some paintwork done on mine.

Had the passenger side wing done, which had to be faded into the door

The rear arch and drivers door. This meant that the whole side or the car had to be done. Even though the arch only needed about an inch painting. When he did the whole door he faded into the wing as well.

You could just have the door done but because the locks near the rear arch you will probably see that its been painted.

Its about £45 a litre for paint and about the same again to paint a panel.

Itll probably be about £100

De locking one doors fine i guess its usually the passenger door you get taken off if you do anyway. My mate had that done in his fiesta for a bit more security.

Personally if i were you if you can afford it id get both done.

If the battery goes just climb in through the boot, or just get a long stick to press the door lock button hehe.

Hope that helps

De-locking and de-handling thats what you want to do!! Well I am anyway! Should be able to match the paint at a decent bodyshop so you will only need the doors doing where abouts are you based and I may be able to reccomend a bodyshop to do it. If you know someone who can weld then get them to do the locks and try and do the prep work before you go to the bodyshop.
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Weld the doors shut as well. Thatll keep the thieving b******s out. Plus plate over the windows and just have a small slot to look out of at the front!

Quote: Originally posted by Nick Read on 01 November 2002

Weld the doors shut as well. Thatll keep the thieving b******s out. Plus plate over the windows and just have a small slot to look out of at the front!
n how does he get in??