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Car feels like it is sliding when cornering ...

  Clio Sport 182 '05
Sorry if this is a stupid question ...Recently bought a great Clio 182 cup, handles amazing, however, having driven a little 1.0 lupo for the past year or so (cheap n cheerful), maybe I am not used to the handling but it feels to me that when i corner hard and go to straighten up, feels like the car is sliding, but i know it isnt???Hopefully this makes sense to someone, maybe it is just me, or could it be suspension related ie. bushes etc.Any help would be appreciatedTom
  172, BMW 120 Msport.
I had exactly the same issue a few months ago. Checked everything and couldn't fault anything at all. In the end it just needed tracking. Sorted it instantly.
  Clio Sport 182 '05
O right. Can't really notice it when just normally cornering, but when I did notice it, tried swerving slightly down the road and did it all the time. feels odd as! Thanks!!!Tom


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  dan's cast offs.
as long as there are no mechanical issues first to check camber and tracking. mine was miles out when i first got it (had been kerbed) was something like -1.5 on the o/s and +1.0 on the n/s, made for very interesting cornering;)
  CursedTitanium 182FF
Give your tyre pressures a check as well, 32-33 psi front and 30 psi rear (cold)
Renault book figures are actually 2.2 bar front and 2.0 bar rear.
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  Clio Sport 182 '05
For some reason, the tyres where at 47 PSI!!! Put down to 32/30 and problem solved. Thanks for all the help