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>>> Car Pass for ClioSport Saturday <<<

The Boosh!

ClioSport Admin
  Clio 4 R.S.
Hi Everyone,

Nik has created a car pass for use at ClioSport Saturday.

To view your car pass click here.

Could you all please print out this pass and display it on your dash board for the event? It's just nice to see who's cars who etc, and will also help us park everyone.

We would encourage you to draw your own car pass, it has to have your forum name on there.

Otherwise use the above.


p.s I've stuck this thread at the top of the CS Sat forum so you can easily locate it nearer the time.
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  09 astra 1.6 T
I have 2 printers in my house, and both of them are broken.

Can I draw mine? :star:


ClioSport Admin
  LY 220 Trophy
I would encourage people to draw their passes tbh :approve:
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ClioSport Club Member
Flol. I put in a little to much effort. I need to get out more. :eek:

You'll see it on the day.
  Megane GT
my printer has gone up the duff so my old art set from year 4 at school will be coming out! crayola ftw!
Im going to be a pikey and use someone elses!! :) We all know its because you didnt get get past year 4 in art so you only know how to use crayola :rasp: