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Car 'surfing' in car park...banned LOL.


  The Cleee-O
So why did the one hanging on get a driving ban exactly?

He was not in control of the car appropriately :rasp:. Being honest, yes it is careless and dangerous, and they shouldn't have done it in a place where there were other cars but I don't think it was that bad. Done it myself, and it was fun. lol :D. If something happens, then they just have to take it on the chin for doing something careless.
I've had mates jump on the bonnet of my car and i've just drove with them on. Its a tad dangerous but so are many things we do in life. I didn't go to the extents of the lads in the film though, looked like it was gonna roll at one point.


ClioSport Club Member
Pah, amateurs.