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car wrote off i think....

  PH2 RS172
well someone smashed into my 182 today. luckily i didnt have my little girl in it as id dropped her at her nans earlier. full on 30mph rear ender while i was stationary and its bent the bootfloor all over the place pretty bad. tailgates bent/ wont close and bumpers moved in 2 inches so i think its game over. that and i now know what a pingpong ball feels like. anyone have a clue on what the book value would be on an 04 182? theyre taking it away tomorrow for assessment :-(
Any pics? Why didn't the car behind stop?

My mum was rear-ended in a similar situation - person in front was turning and the person who went into them just wasn't paying attention!
  PH2 RS172
cheers guys. the person was quite honest... him and his mrs was rushing to the hospital as a family member was seriously ill and he took his eye off the ball. i bounced into the car in front on the rebound. the owner got out had a quick look and looked as if he didnt want the aggro so just drove off! ill put some pics up. the car didnt look too bad at first but on closer inspection the shut lines are all over the place and the floor crease is Bad imo :-(


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@TomSmith123 ? Help this lad out with a book price.

sounds like a cat c from my experience. If you have any questions regarding the total loss drop me a PM. Valuing dead cars was my old job so I know the rules and regs inside out.

boot floor with other damage will kill a 1*2 no problem
  PH2 RS172
as you can see the bumpers sat in miles from the exhausts which were perfectly flush before. the boot lines are squew but photos dont show. the boot floor is approx an inch higher on a slope and crushed about an inch and a half in and folded under. :-(
  PH2 RS172
dont think so? the bloke said he didnt even see id stopped and the brake was off as id just stopped aswell as the traffic was shuffling. what would you say then?
Will defo be a write off, seen them written off for far less on here!

Damage looks fine for 30mph, the rear's don't really absorb the impact (certainly no crumple like the front)? Maybe that's just me, but have personal experience with mums car and that was very similar damage.
  PH2 RS172
just googled 30mph and youre right its no where near that! id be lucky if its half that?!? it didnt bloody feel like a 15mph knock though. jesus thats scary if thats what it feels like to be hit at that speed. i was bouncing around the car backwards and forwards like a rag doll. not nice
  clio 182 black /gold
As said it depends on the age of the car. My Corsa was a 98 "S" reg when i was in a 3 car shunt in 2003 they repaired it.
Radiator was bent too. It needed a bonnet and boot lid. Front and rear light. Exhaust and grill.



Creased floor pan
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Defo write off. Would be nice to see as a cat D with that damage but without doing an estimate it'll be difficult to tell. I suspect cat c though as it's non fault and the labour rates will be higher and the discount on paint and parts less.

The above corsa was only a few years old at the time so I'm not surprised. The repair world has changed a huge amount since then. It's more about turn around time now that economy. Hire cars can be upwards of £150 a day from an accident management company, injury. Didn't used to get any of that
Seems unlikely that was 30mph mate, I was in a rear end accident a few days back in my brother in laws car and this was the result...
(we were stationary at a roundabout and a clio hit us at 30)
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  Clio 182 FF
Whether they were doing 30mph or not I don't think it matters, unless of course thee old whiplash claim goes in?

In my opinion that will most likely end up a Cat D depending on your insurer but as its only light damage I'd be tempted to buy it back and repair it then keep the change in your back pocket!
  PH2 RS172
well if you guys are right then it is game over. hopefully ill recoup enough back. ill take a time out from behind the wheel till after easter and let the mrs buzz me about for a few days. the shock of someone else switching off for a few seconds will defo have me 110% switched on.... an eye opening experience to say the least...
My friend years ago crashed into the back of a corsa at about 20mph his micra was a write off literally fucked. The corsa had a tiny scratch didnt even claim on insurance.. so I can believe that was 30mph.
  PH2 RS172
well the bloke said he didnt see me, and the roads a 30mph zone, so i assumed that the fact i wasnt braked plus the bounce into the car infront and general impact on myself would be at a guess 30mph but looking at some pictures on here i can see why people are saying its no way 30mph which im inclined to agree with, however views like yours and the one above throw a spanner so i guess its debatable. main thing is everyone was ok bar a few stiff muscles. cant believe the bloke i went into just drove off!
jesus ryan thats bad. yes couldnt be 30mph. did you see it coming or was it just boom and wtf?
It was rather painful! I was the passenger, we stopped at the round about then my brother in law said "oh f**k" and before I got chance to ask what it just went bang!
certainly not something I want to do again! Glad your ok though mate, regardless of speed it's not a nice experience!
  PH2 RS172
no dude its bloody not. the recoil of hitting the other car proper battered me about. i didnt have a clue what happened for a few secs till id zoned back in
  Focus rs
10-15mph if it was thirty it would of smashed the rear screen and popped the lights out. 30mph accidents can look very bad!
  clio dci , ren8
That's not badly damaged at all , from what you can see in the pics about a days work for any half reasonable body repairer + paint & parts , good to hear no one was injured ;)