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Carbon Fibre

  172 Cup 181bp 165lbf
Looks so pwettyyyy


  172 Cup
Looks awesome dude!! I really fancy a carbon splitter but just fear that it will get ruined from stone chips on the motorway to work :s
Very nice Just watch for the stone chips they wrecked mine..

Bit of a stupid question but that reg plate looks very familiar was the first or second owner a woman??
  172 Cup 181bp 165lbf
from what I believe it was a male.

Basically, last Dec I was looking for a Cup and one popped up on autotrader I think. Anyway, I went down to look at it and basically it used to be Renault Reading show car for about 6 months after it came out the factory. Then one bloke bought it and kept it standard for what, 9 years and kept every single receipt from tires to servicing (credit to the owner, the history is the best I've ever seen in a car) Then a private sales company (Some man and his son) bought it off Blackbushe Auctions so I presume the first owner traded it in for a new model and it hit the auctions. About 4 days after that, it was on my drive way. It has spent all its life in Reading, Berkshire area.