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Carphone Warehouse Deals

  dCi 65 + C2 (<Sold)
Are they any good? Free phone, free Wii + Game, lots of minutes and texts to any network, 24 months and all for £25 a month.

That's the one in particular I'm looking at, it's for the mrs. She doesn't use it for anything but calling and texting and maybe the camera. Plus it's in pink and looks rather snazzy. She currently has a sh*tter phone and spends about £30 on average PAYG top ups.
They offer these deals to get rid of old handsets. It's good I suppose if you don't care about what phone you have.
  dCi 65 + C2 (<Sold)
Nah she doesn't know anything really, we're both in pretty secure jobs as well so I can't see any financial problems with this.

As long as it looks snazzy and has reasonable minutes + texts she's laughing really. I just wanted something in it for me and a free console doesn't sound too bad!
  dCi 65 + C2 (<Sold)

Just wanting to know if it's worth it or not lads, never ever had anything to do with contracts before, is there any c*ntish clauses? Am I right in thinking the free console, free phone and great tarrif is too good to be true for £25?
  Astra GSI, 172, Golf
seem's good to me , i have the samsung jet which runs similar software and teh phone is spot on . sister and a mate also have the tocco and really rate it .
so for what your getting its mint . plus you can stick the wii on ebay and make a few £££
  dCi 65 + C2 (<Sold)
I want the PS3 or the 360 but 02 don't do that, and because I pay £5 a month on PAYG for free 02 to 02 I'd need the mrs to be 02.

F*ck, have to be the Wii then!
  Astra GSI, 172, Golf
go to phones for you and get a samsung jet there mint , i got mine on 02 unlimited texts and 600 mins for £25 a month .
  dCi 65 + C2 (<Sold)
Ach f*ck it, the insurance is £7 a month on top and because it's for a female I'd 100% have to take it out.

So it amounts to £888 over the two years, where as a PAYG phone + top ups works out at about £650, plus a console is not something I'd ever buy.

PAYG wins tbh. Thanks anyway chaps.