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Carphone Warehouse iPhones lock to first SIM installed

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Long title eh..

Long story short, purchased a sealed 4S from a seller on ebay (went and collected cash)
He had it as an upgrade from CPW, he's on Vodafone.
CPW sell SIM free, right?

Well, they are 'till you install a SIM, then the iPhone locks to that network.

Unfortunately, I got home and tried a spare 3 SIM in it to make sure it wasn't locked to Voda, now 3 won't unlock it for me as I can't provide proof of purchase.
If I'd put any other SIM in there, I'd have no trouble unlocking it.

So, just a heads up for those that aren't aware, Carphone Warehouse (including iPhones lock to the network of the first SIM installed.

Anyone got a blank CPW receipt? haha.
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It has to be 3 that unlock it now Tom.
If Voda could do it, I have a mate on contract that would help me out.
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It does mate, it's locked to 3, they have to be the network to submit the unlock request.
Voda know nothing of the phone, it didn't come from them.

It's such a strange setup that CPW have with Apple. From what I've read, they're the only company in the world that locks to the first SIM installed.
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Tom, you have misread his post I think mate.

The phone was unlocked when he recieved it, it is now locked to 3 after he tried his 3 sim card in it to check it wasnt locked to voda.


Nope i haven't. The phone wasn't unlocked at all, it was in its retail state that links it to whatever sim goes in first.
A fully unlocked phone would just accept anything.

The unlock request overrides all locks. Voda will have knowledge of the phone if it was sold under CPW as a contract. So the paperwork will go to Voda and they will know that there is a contract iPhone (sold as an upgrade) linked to the Ebay sellers account.

So get the seller to fill in the form then APPLE (or their system) send out the unlock request via iTunes and it overrides the lock that the 3 sim put in place.
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Actually, you work for Voda don't you Tom?
Sorry for undermining you there mate, I'll get onto the seller now :)

Thank you!
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It should work, it's the IMEI which is issued the unblock so it will not matter which sim is in the iPhone. If it was sold on a Vodafone contract then the seller can request the unlock as stated by Tom.
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Had this response from voda this morning:

Dear Customer,

The IMEI number provided by you does not match with our records and in that case we will not be able to process your request. To update these details and process the unlock request, kindly contact the Helpline by calling 191 from your mobile phone or 08700 700191 (Vodafone contract) or 08700 776655 (Vodafone Pay as you Talk) from a landline.
None of the networks actually unlock the phone. Only Apple can unlock the phone and then you'd need to factory reset it or plug into iTunes.

Have you tried a factory reset?
I got a brand new one from Vodafone on my girlfriends contract, was a locked upgrade. Asked if it could be unlocked and 3 days later done!
  Go cry to your momma!
Perhaps my detailed post about why this wouldn't work passed you by?


ok ok, I didn't want to bother him too much :p

It'll need to be the seller, as that phone will be linked to his name.

I previously unlocked a friends Voda 4S with another friends so thought it might work.
Nothing lost by trying anyway.

Just hope the seller is decent enough to fill the form out for me, it's no real hardship but sometimes people seem to be uncooperative for the lols.
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Form to fill out?

I had my iPhone 4 unlocked by vodafone at the beginning of this year. It took a 5 minute phone call to them and 3 days later I received a message telling me that my handset would be unlocked via iTunes and to do a back up and restore.

The seller needs to ring up and ask for the handset unlocking. Ask him nicely, It doesn't take long.