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CarPlay Headunit in 182


ClioSport Club Member
Hi all,

I'm seriously considering spending stupid money on a new headunit with Apple CarPlay for my 2005 182. I've been looking at a Pioneer AVH-Z7200DAB as it has Apple CarPlay and is only 1 DIN so should fit, plus a motorised screen so I can still access the buttons the screen will inevitably cover up. My car currently has a Sony MEX-BT3900U unit in case that's relevant.

I've never actually installed a head unit in a car and I believe it to be fairly straightforward but I wanted to check I'm not wasting £500 on a unit that won't fit/connect.
Can anyone confirm if I'll be able to install the Pioneer and if I'll need any adapters etc.? I know I'll at least need an ISO to DIN adapter for the aerial. I haven't been able to find much info in terms of connector standards, but I may be looking in the wrong places.
I'm not worried about the stalk controls or the time/temperature screen as the current head unit doesn't work with them anyway.

Any help appreciated.



ClioSport Club Member
Yep, should fit straight in.
Brilliant thanks. I may well look into adding an amp and sub later down the line, the audio quality isn't all that bad with the stock speakers, just missing the bass.
I'll be sure to put a picture of it in once I get it in and installed, might make the French interior a little more lively.


ClioSport Club Member
@Louis has an Alpine underseat sub that's supposed to be good. I'm sure he did a fitting guide🤔.
I believe I've read that thread actually. I'll certainly look into it in more depth early next year. Feels beyond my current capabilities but seems pretty straight forward with a bit of planning.
  Clio 200
hiya bought evo62dab as I’m really not a fan of tacky pop ups. Fits really nicely


  • 6F38BBFD-1098-4AB1-BE39-D5734BE89241.jpeg
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  Clio 172 Cup
I'm guessing there is a fly lead to get the satellite volume control stalk to talk to the evo62dab ?

really like the look of that

you need to be using waze, by the way ;-)
  Clio 200
I can’t be arsed faffing tbh as it’s so easy to use now , got rid of the stalk. Just bought a blanking plate off rpd. Yer enough room to use controls :)