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Catalytic converter advice


ClioSport Club Member
I'm having a clear out, and have the OEM catalytic converter that we cut out from our 182 when converting to a race car.
When I say 'cut out' I do mean literally cut out as shown in the photos!
I've seen quite a bit on here and elsewhere about the fortunes that these are now worth. Obviously that was after taking a hacksaw to the pipes:rolleyes:

The car is unlikely to ever go back on the road so will probably sell the cat.
Apart from the 'plain tails' it looks pretty clean and there were no rattles prior to removal.

I would appreciate an informed idea of the value,

Many thanks Andy




ClioSport Club Member
The value is in the internals for recycling, they don't get bought to use as is. @Yorkshire Pudding can steer you towards the right buyer.
Ah! Many thanks, so the fact that we cut the pipes isn't necessarily a terrible thing. Good to know.
I'm too not bothered if someone with the knowledge and connections buys it from me and then sells it on for a decent profit, everyone's got to make a living, I just don't want to get completely mugged!
Thanks for your help