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Changing ISP confusion.


ClioSport Club Member
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I am wanting to change from Orange, since my neighbors on other ISP's are getting faster connections for no apparent reason. This is not a problem at my end, as i have got confirmation with orange that they are only sending 1.5mb down the line because they think any more would be unstable. Funny how my neighbors get over 4mb then.

Anyway, the problem is i have my home phone through them too, how can i change my home phone to BT and my broadband to O2 without losing my internet at all, is it possible or would i have to lose the broadband, move to BT then when the line is on BT order from O2?

I cant work out how it would work.
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As Orange use BTw (wholesale) to supply their Broadband then your rental is still within the wholesale environment so you can easily move your line rental back to BT and then you will have to place an order with O2 to go onto their LLU Broadband, I presume you are going onto one of their LLU packages?

There wont be any downtime but you will have to wait 10 days for your line rental to move back to BT and then probably a further 10 days to switch onto O2's broadband.

The nightmare at present in the telecoms industry with regards to ADSL is when you move to an MPF LLU connection and you want to go back to a SMPF connection or none LLU provider, I wont bore you with the details lol.