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Changing Rear Discs On 172


Just wondering if anyone has changed the rear discs themselves? Its coming up for a service soon and Id rather do it myself and save the dosh.

If you have done it, was it difficult?



ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

How many miles have you done?!

The rear discs should last for a LONG time as they dont do much!

Anyway, the difficulty depends on how the discs are fastened to the hubs.

If they are just screwed on, like the fronts and the wheels bolts hold them on, then its a simple job.


They could run with the bearings pressed into them (as some Renaults are), which is a pain in the @rse. Youll either need a bearing press (or access to one) to ge the bearings out of the old discs and into the new ones, or buy new bearings and ge them pressed into the new discs.

Not sure about a 172, so whip a wheel off and look.

Clio 172 has an electrical brake force distribution, so rear brakes are really braking...
In my Clio original brake discs lasted only 25000km (15500 miles) before tehy were worn out.
New disc is 8mm thick, and it has to be replaced when its worn to 7mm
Rear brake disc is part of the hub, and its quite easy to change.
Remember, dont overtighten the handbrake!

Funny you should ask this as Im lookin to change mine as they are really badly scorn. Car has only done 17500 miles but they are fckud. Went down to Renault to get some new ones and they told me they were £89.99 a pair!

Mines done nearly 24000 now and they look pretty trashed.

Ive looked in the haynes manual and if its the same as the other ones with rear discs then it should be fairly easy. Need a new hub nut, locking fluid for putting back the caliper bolts and a long bar (torque wrench) for removing the hub nut.

Now does anyone know where you can get rear discs for the 172 - cheaper than Renault but at least the same quality?


In Finland rear discs cost 200 euros per pair. Not bad when you think that there is disc, hub and bearing.


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Well, that makes a change for the rears to actually do summat...

Normally they dont.