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Chat room has LAP TOP DANCERS !!. seriously !!!



Clear all your cookies, all your history, all your temp internet files, all your form everything, then try it!


ClioSport Club Member
  E90 LCI 330d

Well, there aint no ladies in there!

In fact, there aint no-one in there...



  Shiny red R32

Perhaps you have been a naughty boy Ben which has meant that your special treat has been taken away from you


  Shiny red R32

Rich-D, perhaps the lap top dancers are really fingers on a lap top computer and not what you were hoping for

So youre telling me you can acces!

Nothing to do with communist China routing traffic away from certain sites is it? Just a thought!


  Shiny red R32

"‹¤?Q“ž 0 ‘Šè?–Ôâ‹



GR: if i come back.nothing will be fee, no nice cars, so exec job, no talking to people high on the social ladder. its just more fun here! plus its a tropical country! sort of!

BTW, cant log on that addy, it says cannot find server

Okay, NOW it doesnt do the error page on that last link I posted - it just plain doesnt work anymore!

Sorry Ben, Ill have to leave this to a smarter person than me to sort out (shouldnt be too hard to find a smarter person hanging around here, or anywhere in fact! !)

Youre not missing anything anyway Ben - Captain just says "blah, blah, blah, free drinks, sexs, drugs, blah, turbo, blah, blah, otters, blah" on here, then everyone checks the Online Chat - hes nowhere to be found and we all just sit in silence watching as every 5th second the damn thing refreshes to show that (surprise) nobody said anything again! Also, its piss-poor unusably slow! Grrrrr...." alt="Shower of bast*rds!">