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Cheap Insurance !

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

OK fed up of searching round for cheap insurance but I have found a place that is very cheap and they do the searching.

I have a 172 Garaged in the Essex (Lakeside) area. Clifford 500 Cat 1 alarm. I cover 6000 miles or less a year, 29 years old, 1 SP50 4 years ago and 1 claim over 3 years ago (Coming to over £600). Full no claims.

£ 545 including legal cover, curtosy car and £250 excess + protected no claims.

Not bad considering it beat Elephant by £40 (Which didnt have no claims protected).

The company is called A-Plan give them a bell they get back to you with the best quote and I was really suprised with this.

hmm ill give them a go Ivan.. however check this!!

im 22yrs old,

4yrs NCB

car is bolted with a phat TOAD ai606 CAT1

car = 1.8 clio 16v phase 2

(car is std)

basildon post code (no comment!)

halifax quoted me.. ready...... "£666.56" !!!! FULLY COMP, legal cover, Windscreen protection!!! how good is that! i dare anyone to best that with the details as above! :D

however i do have a clean license, no smacks or points... :D



get this im 20

1.2 clio with induction kit

and £2500 stereo

2 years no claims

fully comp + third party other cars\vans up to 3500kgs


Renault insurance!!!!

the a-team van costs £3 fully comp sucka
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

aaronc got this:


4 yrs no claims

6 points

Clio 1.8 16v

£550 fully comp

company: highway

1.8 16v

age 18

Modified wheels, £1500 stereo, exhaust

clifford concept 400 cat1 alarm

cobra cat 2 immob

Kept on street

covering 10,000 a year

3 points (ts10), 6 month ban for driving whilst uninsured on probation for minor offence

£1680 TPFT

Company - Highway
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Guys what group is 16v then ?

Quote - "however i do have a clean license, no smacks or points... "

And Rockport you cheeky git ;)

By the way, Id recommend trying esure for a 172. I work for them part time and yesterday I sold a policy to a 31 year old male with 5 years NCD, with £250 total excess, for £245 fully comp!! Halifax is underwritten by esure and is almost as cheap. Only thing is we have really high age restrictions on sporty cars. As long as youre 30 for 172 or 25 for Valvers I guarantee its cheaper than you can get elsewhere!!

Im just very puzzled, as I shopped around for my renewal, tried everyone - Renault, Direct Line, Elephant, Churchill, AA, etc. etc. and Tesco were the cheapest by a lot over some of the other quotes I got (£5800 from Hill House Hammond, for example!). Im 20, have no NCD, 1 claim, quote was based on standard 1.2 car (grp 3), and live in a decent suburb (Class 1 postcode group), yet my insurance is steep. Id be cheaper with esure/Halifax if theyd take me on but you need to have no mods, some NCD and no claims if youre under 25.