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Cheapest deals on Wii

As above , ive decided i'm gonna buy my 7 year old son one for crimbo , i don't know anything about them what they come with ect.

Just a plain white one , not paying more for black.

Any info will be great.
  RIP Dan
You will need another controller and nun chuck at least.

If you get a deal with Wii and sports resort you will get a motion plus addition for the you will need to get another motion plus too.

Nothing worse than getting a console and schoolboying it with one controller ;-)

Get MarioKart Wii, don't worry about the people use controller and nunchuck.

Wii's are a great laugh, enjoy.
  RIP Dan
Mario kart, Maybe lego star wars?? My 7 year nephew seems to be addicted to it!!

There are lots of child freindly games, go and look at chart and read some reviews.

I buy games for myself so can say really as Im 39:eek:
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to get a 2nd controller, see if you can get 'wii Play' as it's a few simple kid friendly games on a disc & you get a controller included.. normally not alot more money than buying the controller on it's own.

just looked on amazon, it's £26 for the wiimote & £28 for wii play, so you get a load of games for £2 not too bad really
Forgot to say , i/we have most of the Lego games already for the 360/PS3 , but the Wii is gonna be HIS in his room.

So from what i can gather

Wii play ( extra controller + a few games )
Mario Cart

Anything else?