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Cheapest Import 172

A friend of mine (on my recommendation I may add) may be looking to get a new 172.

I never did follow the import prices for these but can you let me know where the best deals are to be had at the moment.



Cheap UK sourced can be found from youll basically get fleet discount on a UK vehicle more or less.

For import I have been looking at and where the 172 comes in under £12k which is pretty good, why did I put money down on a UK Cup at 12.3k I dont know, obviously mad.

Would be interested to hear of better places,

  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Keith Surely he should be getting a CTR on your reccomendation!!! Not a 172!!!

If it were me I would try and get one from UK dealer I have heard of ones changing hands for £13500 yes that is a UK car from a UK dealer!!!

drop a mail to that carfile one I mentioned he deals with UK dealers to get the discount etc. and the Renualt dealer works directly with you no dodgy import etc. car is delivered to your door and you pay on inspection of the car.


Thanks Sandys I will pass the information on.

GeordiePaul, I would have no hesitation recommending the CTR to him and to any 172 owner but he is on a budget and even though its the best car change I have ever made I know there is not a better overall price/options/performace package available at the moment.

Thanks again.

try I bought mine online and it turned up at my door 3 weeks later and i was the first registered owner.

when i got mine it was 11999 for the car and 100quid delivery to door (couldnt be bothered to go pick it up from sheffield)

And that was it.

They were a good company to go through IMHO.