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Has anyone any new news on the so called Cup extras for all us Cup owners.......Im intow minds whether or not to phone the Clowns at Reno Sheff and quiz them!

However, all those who have dealt with Reno Sheff will know that they would try and sell sand to Arabs if they thought they could make a quick profit, so any advice!

Sorry still really bitter about the treatment I got when they kerbed my Cup!

I dont think theres any further news from the last post that went out. We are all still waiting for the things to go on sale. Dont think theres a brochure yet but DannyBoy was meant to be going to visit them...

It seems definite that the mods are coming, theyre just taking their time! I wouldnt take it out on Renault as its not their fault, its renaultsport taking their time! I think the ECU will be out first, Dans got a phone number, youll probably find it if you do a search on cup mods.


  Clio 197

Ive looked on the Renault-Sport site and they have all their motorsport cars listed complete with specs including the Group N Clio. What they dont have is any way of contacting them! Very frustrating. And I couldnt get the documents to work with acrobat...

havent had a chance to pop down but they are sayin next week! althoi wanna see it b4 i believe it! thats next week for decision on ecu and catalogue btw!

I posted the number a week or so a search on "Found & Cliosport"