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Check this out - Scooby vs 172 or Cup

im luking at the vid and have probably missed it but how can u tell the dif between which 1 is 172 and which 1 is cup?-cos the blue colour u can get in the 172 which is the obvious difference

That is a bit of a dodgy vid. The bloke in the cup was too busy counting to get a good start, and they were rolling so the mid range of the scoob would be better. The second race the scoob driver was better prepared, but at least the 172 driver wasnt a complete dick lol. Looks like a normal scoob, so 208bhp i think

yeah but that doesnt mean he didnt have any mods - I saw him flick a nitro switch

at the start it says scooby 227 cv, which is probably the bhp cv=chevaux (horses, if i remember my french correctly)

if it was standard, itd be closer me thinks, clio might even win...
  320d M Sport

wahey! wonder what scooby it was, the clio would need some serious power upgrades in order to get round that!

That was a Uk spec scooby, MY98,99 or 00 215bhp. You can tell by the interior. Sounds as though it has a centre decat and back box, but you couldnt here any turbo whislt, With a decat downpipe, it is loud in the cockpit), so i dont think it had a decat downpipe, also, seemed a bit slow coming on boost. They rock mid range dont they. The second 172, not the cup, was slip streaming the cheely monkey ! ;)

LOL - i put uk spec scooby, how can it be, when its a french left hand drive ! :oops: ! Anyway, it is an equivalent to a uk spec scooby !