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Cheeky teaser of my R27, Zymol Vintage and some night shots...

  Megane R26

Mr Ste Burns is getting very good at these night shots now!

Car was prep'd with SV CF then topped with a VERY thin layer of Zymol Vintage

Wheels with Planet Polish WS&S and tyres with TW Platinum :)

More to come....

  200 Gordini
Id lick that all night long.

Since you wouldnt want me doing that, ill just say the car is looking amazing and the photos are spot on
  Red 197 & Laguna S-T
Looking good as always.

Planet Polish Wheel seal and shine is great stuff too!! Really brings out the silver sparkle in my wheels :)
Best R27 on is prob the best colour too, then nimbus, then albi, then red, others don't even come close..
  Megane R26
how are the springs? notice much difference in the ride? oh and the car looks great!

A LOT firmer tbh - it's possibly a bit too firm at times, but I can definitely turn in better/quicker and put more speeds into bends.

If I change for a 200 like I plan to, then I won't be messing with the suspension again, unless it's for some coilovers...