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Two questions folks, first anyone used chipsaway as my mate has tonight scrapped his clio down the side of his old bhoys jag, quite a large scratch to driver side wing.

Also for myself, anyone used dentsway? any idea of costs or good or bad experiences?

yes i have used chipsaway and found they did a pretty good job! im using them again this friday on my cup... found that the laqeur tended to fail a little on my previous car but a little wax soon sorted it out...

chipsaway tel: 0800 0680 238

hope it helps


  Audi TT Stronic

my brother-in-law used chips away when he scraped the front bumper.. about 4-5 big deep scrathes.

The repaired it taking about 3 hours to do the job but it was a very good job that they did, you couldnt tell that there had been any damage at all.. cost £130

Are they able to repair stone chips etc without respraying the whole panel? i washed the car last friday and nearly threw a fit finding 3 - 4 nasty scratches :( i do alot of motorway driving you see, and seem to pick up all crap!! im on my 3rd winscreen!!

so can they?