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Clay Virgin. Woohoo!


  RB 182 Cup
With a bit of trepidation, I bought a Meguiars Quik Clay pack from Halfrauds.

Missus's red micra was in need of a bit of love. Its cleaned weekly with the Autoglym gear i've got, but i though it needed it a bit of shine re-injecting into it. The bodywork felt reasonable but seeing as i was going to give it the works, thought I'd have a go with the clay bar.

Could feel the effect straight away, and after rinsing it felt great but looked sh*t!!! Worry:eek: Wot no shine!!!

After a coat of AG SRP and a good buffing with the microfibre, was amazed by the results!!:approve:

Went the whole hog and stuck the Extra Gloss Protection on [usually reserved for my 172!]

Thanks to all you guys for the priceless help you give daily in posting on the forum.

ps. must become a member, can't attach any photos of my good work!!!
  RB 182
The AG SRP and SG EGP do work really well together and the difference with clay is quite something particularly the first time you feel the difference for yourself.

I obviously agree you should become a member but in the time being could you not link to the pictures on something like PhotoBucket?


  RB 182 Cup
Ben......will have a look at the Photobucket thing. Thanks.

Will get my ar*e into gear and subscribe this week.:sleepy:

The results truly take some believing after your first claying. Found it made the whole polishing thing soooo much easier. Even the missus was impressed and they know nothing about cars...........:quiet:

Sorry ladies, only kidding....;)