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  Shiny red R32

Clean 16v

Your car is the same as your user name, a clean 16v. It looks very nice, especially the wheels! They are the same as mine!! ;)
  clio williams, Ph1 172

Looks sh*te mate.

Only Joking! Does look very tidy. Like the rims too. Id leave em silver though mate. Looks great as it is.

dont paint your wheels. i dont think the rally look will suit the clean racy look of the rest of the car imho.

Nice car, is it lowered? what size tyres are you running? did you lose any performance from fitting the alloys?

Steve, its lowered on KTR/GAZ coilovers, about 40mm at front and around 65(?) at back, didnt lose any performance from running the 16" wheels, i think my tyrs are 195/45/16? (complete guess)

yeah, that is seriously modified. in one of the pictures you can see the reflection of his Fiat coupe 20v turbs also!!

Steve, they are heavier and wider so theoretically they have slowed my car down but it is not noticeable, plus the increase in traction is worth it cos i can get power down easier now