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Cleaning Wheel Nuts

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My wheel nuts are horrible and rusty, plus with speedline 2118's they look awful.

Whats the best technique to cleaning them? I was planning on putting them in Vinegar and then wire brushing them.

Any other ideas?



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Leave em in vinegar over night and scrub em clean. Otherwise you could always just mask over the threads and give the heads a good spray paint?
  172 Cup
Well I also had a look at new ones and for the sake of £18 I can get 20.

But might just try cleaning for the time being
If they are rusted up, without repainting or protecting they will just get worse.

If you change your wheels often, sadly the nuts will suffer.
Either change them, or just paint the heads. I painted the rear ones on the vee as they had a bit of surface rust on them.